12. November 2013

Empty Products #2

Ich hatte wieder jede Menge Produckte leer gemacht, also war es wieder Zeit für ein Empties Video :)
Wenn ihr wissen wollt, welche Produckte ich nachkaufen würde und welche nicht, dann viel Spaß mit dem Video. Leider waren die Lichtverhältnisse als ich gedreht habe sehr schlecht, daher ist das Video etwas dunkel geworden. Ich hoffe es gefällt euch trotzdem!

Sorry, the video is in German. But I will list everything I used up below and tell you if I would repurchase it or not :)
1. L'Oreal Hydra Active 3 Tag: A day cream from the same range as the well known Miccellar Water from L'Oreal (Bioderma dupe). Very good for dry and sensitive skin without being too rich or greasy, I've got really sensitive skin and I didn't react to it at all. I love this cream and already repurchased it ;)

2. The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub: Oh I love this scrub! The smell is incredible and the scrub isn't to harsh but still does the job. Well done Body Shop ♥ I will repurchase it as soon as I finished my current body scrub from Soap & Glory.

3. I love... Mango & Papaya: This scrub was such a disappointment! It's claimed to be a mix between body scrub and shower gel. Well for me it didn't do anything. As a scrub it was not effective enough for me and as a shower gel it didn't lather enough. I wouldn't recommend it and I will certainly not repurchase it.

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry: My favourite dry shampoo ever! I love Batiste, it get the job done and gives my hair really good volume that stays all day. Already bought a new one ;)

5. Dove Oil Care Shampoo & Conditioner: I used that conditioner nearly one year without switching products. So you can see I love it! I think its a brilliant conditioner that leaves your hair super soft ans smooth. But this time I didn't repurchase it simply because I wanted to try something different. For the shampoo I have to say that I'm glad that it is finally empty. The shampoo is good, but I've got a very sensitive scalp so this wasn't the best for me. 

6. Annayake Sensitive Eye Cream: Got this eye cream in a little set a while ago. The shop assistant told me that this eye cream is very popular so I though I give it a try. I have to say this small sample lasted for ever because you don't need much. But I couldn't really feel that this cream did anything for me. Every drugstore eye cream I used so far was better so I don't really get the fuss. Considering the price tag and that it didn't do much I'm not going to repurchase it.

7. Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm: The BEST for dry lips! Hands down my favourite lip balm. But I didn't repurchase it yet because it is quite expensive and I'm looking for a cheaper alternative. But I'm sure sooner or later I will buy it again!

8. Weleda Shower Cream Lavender: I liked it. I used it mostly in the evening when I was taking a shower because Lavender helps to calm you down and also helps to fall asleep. I won't repurchase it though because I don't want to spend so much money for a shower gel (this one was a gift).

9. Nivea Clear Up Stripes: They claim to remove blackheads from your nose and t-zone. I don't know why but the only seemed to work once. The first time I tried them it was great, all the blackheads stuck to the stripe (I know... gross), but when I used it the second and third time the stripe was empty and all my blackheads still in my nose. I have no clue why... I will repurchase it maybe but I will try a different brand.

10. Balea Eye Make Up Remover Waterproof: Great stuff, removes waterproof eye make up easily. Nothing more to say ;) I didn't repurchase it because I still got a huge bottle I had to buy in America.

11. Rexona Shower Fresh Deodorante: Good deodorant, does the job and smells fresh.

12. Balea Fiji & Passionfruit Shower Gel: Smells amazing! I really like it, but unfortunately it was a limited edition so I couldn't repurchase it!

13. Welle ProSeries Frizz Control Hairspray: My favourite hairspray! I really helps with frizz, is strong enough for my mane without leaving the hair feeling crispy. I'm really sad because I believe its been discontinued :/ Luckily I bought a few canes for my stash when they were on sale.

14. Balea Make Up Wipes for Sensitive Skin: My skin just does not agree with any make up wipes! They are claimed for sensitive skin, but my skin just feelt horrible after I used them. It's red and burns and I don't feel like I've got a clean face. They also say on the packaging that they remove waterproof make up. I don't agree! I used them while I was on holiday in America and my eye make up didn't move at all! I had to buy some stuff there because I just couldn't remove my mascara!

15. Florena Night Cream with Aloe Vera: `Meeh` The cream was okay I ended up using it all but I didn't love it. They cream was too rich for my skin (even for a night cream). It just felt like the cream was still on my face in the morning. I didn't repurchase it!

Sorry for the long post ;)

xx Jo Betty


  1. Aw, du hast einfach sooo tolle Haare! Aber die Enttäuschung mit I love… ist wirklich schade :(

    Liebst, ina


  2. Amazing!
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  3. Süßes Video und deine Haare sind so wunderschön :)


  4. amazing!

    Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
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  5. super video!!! :) ich finde die idee sehr schön. und deine haar sehen toll aus (auch wenn das ja eigentlich hier nichts zur sache tut, haha)
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    xx romi